About us

Aerospace Fasteners Limited has a long, proud history of supplying quality products into extreme environments with world-class customer service.

Since our inception in 1992 we’ve supplied leading OEMs with a vast array of products. By adding value to the supply chain, we’ve built a reputation as the go-to supplier for fasteners, seals and components.

We supply only the highest quality parts direct from the industry’s leading manufacturers. This enables us to deliver first-class product and service as standard.



Our aerospace parts capability covers a wide range of products. These include fasteners, seals, clamps, fittings and machined components that meet the exacting demands and expectations of the aerospace industry.

Since 1992 our business has changed considerably, with a growing team, product range and increasing customer base, made up of many of the aerospace industry’s best-known names.


With so much overlap between aerospace and defence parts, it was inevitable that we’d help both industries. The demands and expectations of both are similar – led by high-quality, performance and traceability from design to use. For many years, we've supported customers, supplying the Air, Land and Sea defence industries, with a vast array of product.

Motor sport

When the performance of tiny parts can make or break a championship bid, even a smallest bolt or consumable fastener can mean the difference between ignominious retirement and topping the podium.

As with our aerospace and defence parts, we invest in the most specialised parts, stock them and guarantee rapid delivery. It’s the kind of commitment that keeps F1 teams at the front of the grid.

How can we help you and your customers hold things together?

How we do it

Since we started supplying product we’ve had a crystal-clear business strategy that puts our customers first. We exist because the aerospace fasteners supply chain is extremely challenging, especially for small to medium Tier 1 and Tier 2 businesses.

Above all, we invest in stocking product and offering value-added services including Vendor-managed Inventory (VMI), Direct Line Feed (DLF) and kitting. We solve your part-supply problems, save you time, help you make money and protect your reputation.

Our customers trust us to ‘Hold it All Together’ when others simply can’t find solutions.

The benefit for our customers

The benefit, for our large and small customers alike, is a friendly, helpful service that gets around long lead times and huge minimum order quantities. Above all, we make it straightforward to get the parts you need, in the quantities that you want, when you need them.

It’s a big team effort.

Our employees love working here. What’s more, all those aerospace fastener specialists bring massive skills and experience. Imagine harnessing that expertise, plus our investment in people, systems and inventory, for your next project.

Then there’s our off-the-shelf inventory, we typically have more than 15,000 lines in stock for immediate delivery. If we haven’t got something, we’ll find it for you.